DruidaTest - testing Database applications using an approach based on business Rules and user Interface-DAtabase interaction

DruidaTest is a standalone application for specification based testing of database applications that have an user interface. Given a model of the user interface and a set of business rules that specify the behaviour of the application, DruidaTest generates a set of rules that represent the set of test cases (both user inputs and test database) that achieve MCDC coverage (SQLFpc coverage). DruidaTest allows evaluating the coverage by running the rules and provides the information that the tester needs to complete the test cases and the test database in order to achieve better coverage. It is built on top of SQLFpc Web Service.

The basic concepts are introduced in the paper:



Download here the latest version. Next, unpack the ZIP file. The following filles will be present in your directory:
After running it for the first time, the following files are generated:

First at all, you must be sure that you have your database running and the appropriate jdbc database driver is in the classpath (or in the folder where the application has been unzipped). Below are some direct links to download the drivers for some databases (maven):

Quick Start

Launch the main class of druidatest.jar using the following java command (where drivername.jar is the name of the vendor's database driver file. Note that you don't need specify a driver name if your are going to use the jdbc-odbc bridge driver):

java -classpath drivername.jar;druidatest.jar in2test.application.druidatest.DruidaTest

Alternatively, you may edit the druidatest.bat script file specifying this command and then run the script.

The following window will be displayed:

DruidaTest main window


Specifying connection info

The information required to access the database is explained below:


Release notes

Version Date Changes 2017.02.25 Java 6 to 8 compatibility 2012.04.02 Initial release 2012.01.16 Initial release (internal)