SLACT - SLA Combinatorial Testing tool

SLACT (SLA Combinatorial Testing) is a tool which automates the process of the generation of tests for SLAs by using combinatorial testing techniques.


Download and install

Download here the latest version. After, unpack the ZIP file. The following files will be present in your directory:

SLACT requires the Microsoft Pairwise Independent Combinatorial Testing (PICT) tool to generate combinations. Download PICT here and install. In the installation directory two files will be created: pict.exe and PICTHelp.htm.

Finally, check the configuration file at ./config/properties.txt

  1. results_path : path where the results are generated (by default: " ./results/ ").
  2. results_format : extension of the test suite file (options: csv | txt) (by default: csv ).
  3. csv_delimiter : if csv extension is selected, delimiter between values (by default: "," ).
  4. class_name : acronym of the classes covered in the test cases (by default: "CL" ).
  5. pict_path : path where the pict executable tool is stored. (by default: "C:/PICT/" ).

Quick Start

Launch SLACT by double-clicking on slact.jar or using the following java command:

java -jar slact.jar

The following window will be displayed:

SLACT main window



Relevant information regarding the SLA

The current parser is able to analyse the SLA specified in WS-Agreement standard language [WSAG 2011]. To obtain the set of implicit constraints, the Guarantee Terms must be specified according to the following syntax (if the SLA does not respect such syntax, the implicit constraints will not be able to be obtained):

<wsag:GuaranteeTerm wsag:Name="name_of_the_guarante_term" wsag:Obligated="obligated_party">

   <wsag:ServiceScope wsag:ServiceName="name_of_the_service">
       <NameMethod> name_of_the_method </NameMethod>

     <SLATest:variable> name_of_the_variable </SLATest:variable>
     <SLATest:operator> possible_operators (eq | ne | gt | lt | gte | lte) </SLATest:operator>
     <SLATest:constant> constant_value </SLATest:constant>

... Rest of the Guarantee Term ...



Release notes

Version Date Changes
1.0 2013.04.17 First release